Announcement of the changes planned for the 1.26.0 update

Hello, survivors! We want to tell you about some of the planned changes that will appear in the game with the 1.26.0 update.

Improvements of existing maps

Recently we conducted a poll about the release of new maps and the majority of players expressed their interest in seeing us refine the existing maps. We are starting work in this area with the refinement of the “Highway 11” map. In the 1.26.0 update, this map will not be encountered in battles, nor can it be selected in your custom battle lobby. We have some ideas on how we can make the battles on the map more diverse, and for this we plan to change the scheme of the level. The updated map will return to the game in future updates.

Balance changes

Relic weapons:

1. Hyperion

- Charging speed in aiming mode increased by 10%

Comment: it’s quite difficult to effectively implement the firing mode using the scope of “Hyperion”. We believe that the increased charging speed when using the scope will help bring out a new side to this weapon.

2. Muramasa

- Durability of mines increased by 25%

- Direct damage increased by 5%

- Durability increased by 5%

Comment: “Muramasa” is quite an effective weapon, but in our opinion its mines have lower effectiveness than we would like. The planned changes should make playing with “Muramasa” more comfortable.

3. Ripper

- Impulse on hit increased by 30%

- Disk lifetime increased from 3 to 5 seconds

Comment: the planned changes should increase the effectiveness of this weapon in close combat. We feel that “Ripper” is still not effective enough in short-range encounters.

4. Flash

- Lightning damage radius reduced by 10%

Comment: “Flash” is one of the most effective relic weapons in the game. Reducing the lightning radius will make this weapon more balanced.

Legendary weapons:

1. Toadfish

- Bolt bundle damage reduced by 7.5%

2. Pulsar

- Direct damage increased by 10%

3. Spark

- Lightning damage increased by 5%

4. Aspect

- Direct damage increased by 5%

5. Avalanche

- Explosion radius of grenades increased by 15%

6. Concrete breaker

- Durability increased by 5%

7. Hurricane

- Reload speed increased by 7.5%

8. Piranha

- Explosion radius increased by 10%.

Epic weapons:

1. Quasar

- Direct damage increased by 10%


- Rocket maneuverability increased by 10%

3. Trombone

- Direct damage increased by 5%

- Durability increased by 5%

4. Pyre

- Explosion radius increased by 5%

5. Druzhba 2

- Durability increased by 7.5%

6. Borer

- Durability increased by 7.5%


1. Master

- Now the cabin cools down for 1 second, after which it instantly restores 30% of the durability of all parts, except for the wheels, frames, and the cabin itself.

2. Muninn

- Base cabin power increased by 10%

3. Ermak

- Resistance to all types of damage from perk reduced to 40%

4. Tusk

- Durability increased by 5%

Movement parts:


- Impulse resistance bonus reduced to 80% on 10 legs

Please note that all balance changes described in this news are relevant at the time of publication and may not be final or may not be implemented into the game at all. Certain additional changes, if necessary, may be made after the announcement.