In 2027 a mysterious epidemic swept the world, starting almost simultaneously in every part of the Earth. Those who didn’t die on the first day experienced hallucinations and headaches, many of them lost their minds or killed themselves. The source of the disease that journalists named Crossout Mobile, and the nature of its effect on people was never identified.

While the media still functioned several hypotheses concerning the disease were announced. Some claimed that the radiation of TVs and mobile phones was poisoned by an information virus as the result of a terrorist attack. According to another version, the atmosphere was polluted because of a recent meteorite hit. Some were talking about an evolutionary leap and the new humanity.

The planet descended into chaos. People fled cities that had become mass graves. Many tried to save themselves using gas masks and respirators, as well as completely rejecting electronic devices. All was in vain and in a few totally nightmarish months, the human civilization was almost destroyed.

Those of humans that survived the catastrophe started to transform gradually — in fifteen years those transformations started to manifest visibly. The most notable metamorphoses affected the eyes — some started to glow, others looked more like a black abyss. To conceal these deviations from the others, people started to hide under tight clothing and dark glasses.

More than twenty years passed since the 'Crossout Mobile'. Many remember what life was like before. As always, some try to build the old world back and some enjoy the chaos and destruction. But there are also those who have nothing human left. They hide their faces under masks and their motives are unknown.

Garage main window
  1. Game profile and statistics
  2. Friends and in-game mail
  3. Important news about the game from the developers
  4. Amount of coins the player has
  5. Game settings
  6. In-game store
  7. Battle Pass
  8. Test the armoured car in test drive mode
  9. Go into battle on an armoured car
  10. Trophy road — the main progress of the player
  11. In-game tasks and challenges for the player
  12. Daily rewards for the player
  13. Leaderboards
  14. Saved blueprints of armoured vehicles
  15. In-game chat
Test drive
  1. Set the direction of the armoured car
  2. Launch the active module mounted on the armoured car
  3. Enable scope
  4. Quick commands in the battle
  5. Mini-map
  6. Add AI-controlled bots
  7. Reload the weapon
  8. The vehicle’s level of damage
Vehicle parameters
  1. Power score (PS) — shows the abstract effectiveness of the assembled vehicle. The vehicle’s PS value is equal to the sum of the PS of all parts installed on it.
  2. The number of parts — one of the factors limiting the player’s capabilities when designing a combat vehicle is the limit on the number of parts.
  3. Speed — the maximum speed that an armoured car can reach. Depends on the cabin, engine and movement parts.
  4. Energy is the main resource of the vehicle, limiting its combat power. The available amount of energy is determined by the characteristics of the cabin and the additional equipment — generators. Almost all types of weapons use this resource.
  5. Durability — represents the maximum “health” of the vehicle. In battle, the vehicle’s structure is displayed as a “health bar” at the bottom of the screen. Upon receiving damage, the structure decreases. When the value drops to zero, the player’s vehicle is destroyed.
  6. Mass is the total weight of all installed parts.