Announcement of the changes planned for the 1.30.0 update

Hello, survivors! We want to tell you about some of the planned changes that will appear in the game with the 1.30.0 update.

Balance changes

Relic weapons


- Barrel spool time reduced from 2 to 1 sec.


- Projectile speed increased by 30%

- Maximum range increased from 250 to 500 m.

- Durability increased by 20%

Legendary weapons


- Case durability reduced by 5%

- Direct damage reduced by 10%.


- Reload time reduced from 5.4 to 3.8 sec.


- Direct damage reduced by 5%.


- Bolt size increased by 20%. This will make it easier to hit the bolts in the enemy’s armored vehicle.

- Reload time reduced from 4.25 to 3.4 sec..

M-39 Imp:

- Direct damage increased by 20%

- Magazine capacity increased from 90 to 100 pcs..

Spark III:

- Durability reduced by 10%

Epic weapons


- Changed perk parameters. Impulse reduced by 25%

- Active time increased by 50%

- Damage increased by 30%.


- Rate of fire increased by 50%

- Direct damage increased by 20%.


- Energy drain increased from 3 to 6 pts.

- Changed firing mechanics.

Legendary cabins


- Reduced perk efficiency at the maximum speed. Now projectiles ricochet with 25% probability instead of 50%, bullets ricochet with 50% probability instead of 75%..


- Now can also be charged by minelayers.


Signal jammer “Argus”:

- Effect duration reduced from 8 to 6 sec.


1. Changed the Power Score value for all frames. Now the PS of frames is calculated only on the basis of their volume. As a result, all light frames now have significantly increased PS.

2. Frames were sorted into different rarity categories according to their PS.

3. Changed the appearance, names and balance of the large frames (such as Frame 22*4, Lightweight frame 16*4 etc.).

4. Revised the characteristics of the “Bearing frame 1*6”:

- Reduced the percentage of projectiles flying past to 70%

- Durability reduced to 190 pts.

- Mass reduced to 78 kg

- Added resistances: 40% to heating, 20% to kinetic and fragmentation damage.

Please note that all balance changes described in this news are relevant at the time of publication and may not be final or may not be implemented into the game at all. Certain additional changes, if necessary, may be made after the announcement.