Stopping the release of updates for some devices

Survivors! Unfortunately, we would like to announce that we are no longer releasing updates on Google Play for certain devices. We greatly value our already established gaming community, so we are committed to making sure the game remains accessible to everyone. Therefore, players whose devices do not meet the technical requirements of the game will continue to be able to receive updates on our official website: 

(If your game profile is linked to your Google Play account, then all game progress will be saved. Please also note that in order to correctly install the game from our website, all previous versions of the game must be removed from your device.)

This decision was made in order to improve the quality of the gaming experience and ensure that the game runs consistently on more widespread devices. Players on certain devices often experience technical issues and poor performance, which affects the quality of the gameplay. With each update, our team works on optimizing the game for different devices, but supporting devices that do not meet the technical requirements restricts the game’s capabilities and does not allow us to realize its full potential.