Update 1.27.0

Battle pass, new season “Horizon of freedom”!

Survivors, welcome the new battle pass dedicated to the “Nomads” faction! You can expect 70 rewards in the season, including:

• Structural parts and decorations for your armoured car in the style of the faction;

• Access to the production of the legendary module “Argus”;

• Access to the production of the legendary cabin “Valkyrie”;

• Access to the production of the legendary grenade launcher “Thresher”;

• Access to the production of the epic autocannon “Therm”;

• Unique armoured vehicle “The dream”;

• New customization for the game profile in the theme of the season.

Complete the tasks and challenges, level up and collect rewards!

The Battle pass also includes a leaderboard where players compete according to their Battle pass level. Those who reach the maximum level by the end of the season will receive the most valuable rewards, including the legendary autocannon “Stillwind”!

New seasonal pack “Falconer”

The new seasonal pack “Falconer” is now available for purchase in the in-game store!

The armoured vehicle is designed on the basis of the legendary cabin “Quantum”, armed with the “AD-13 Hawk” drones and equipped with the “Taimyr-3” and “Colossus” modules.

“Falconer” is a unique combat vehicle designed for medium and long range combat. Its drones are capable of both defending, pursuing and attacking selected targets.

The combat capabilities of the “AD-13 Hawk” drones allow “Falconer” to strike the enemy from unexpected directions.

The pack is available in two versions — standard and deluxe.

New parameters of parts characteristics display

Survivors! In this update, we have reworked the display of part characteristics and implemented the following changes:

1. In the weapon card in the storage, a new tab has been added that displays detailed characteristics of the weapon, such as rotation angles, recoil, number of projectiles in a shot and so on. Experienced players will now be able to focus on these parameters and compare weapons in more detail.

2. From the main tab, all parameters except the basic ones (damage, energy, mass, and durability) have been removed.

3. The “Accuracy” and “Reload” scales have been removed, as the exact corresponding values have been added.

4. The principle of filling the “Damage” scale has been changed. Now the damage value does not indicate the damage per hit, but the average damage per battle. This means that weapons of the same rarity with the same amount of energy will have similar values.

5. The principle of filling the “Rate of fire” scale has been changed. Now this scale is only displayed for weapons with automatic firing or weapons with more than one projectile in a salvo. Also, this scale now shows more precise values.

6. For cabins, the “Power” scale and the mass limit indicator have been moved to the tab with additional parameters.

7. The “Reloading” scale has been removed from modules. In the future, we will add a cooldown value to the descriptions of modules.

Other important changes

1. Changed the display of enemies marked with the “Astraeus” railgun.

2. “Black Death”: added 10% resistance to kinetic and fragmentation damage.

3. “Remedy”: added 5% resistance to kinetic and fragmentation damage.

4. Now the clan level is displayed in the clan rating window.

5. Now cabins with special devices deal increased damage to turrets. Among these cabins are “Tusk” (equipped with fangs), “Cerberus” (equipped with a borer) and “Bastion” (equipped with a plow).

6. Similar to other melee weapons, the drill of the “Cerberus” cabin can now cut several parts, including turrets.

7. Updated the list of the maps that can be encountered in the “Clash of Leviathans” mode. Now you can encounter such maps as “Broken monorail”, “Founders canyon”, “Rock city”, “Frozen dam” and “Phoenix Cliff”.

Bug fixes

1. Fixed a bug due where a dynamic sight could appear after a weapon has been destroyed.

2. Fixed a bug due where the legendary rarity co-driver Billie added resistance only to kinetic damage. Now resistance is increased to kinetic, energy and thermal damage.

3. Fixed a bug that could cause map textures to disappear.

4. Fixed a bug due where the resistances of the “Bastion” ladle and the “Cerberus” borer did not work.

5. Fixed a bug where the active skill of the co-driver “Grizzly” did not recharge the skill of the “Trucker” cabin.

6. Fixed a bug with updating clan activity points — now the activity of members is updated immediately upon receipt.

7. Corrected the incorrect power score value of the “Gun-mount wheel” part. The value used to be 77, the correct value is 93.

8. Fixed a bug where the “Quick Deal” function could set an irrelevant price (in cases where all requests from other players were set at an irrelevant price).

9. Fixed a bug where the “Daze” module, when crossing a barrier, initiated recharging of active skills of cabins and modules. Now the effect of “Daze” only prohibits the use of an active skill or cancels the effect of an already activated skill, but doesn’t affect their recharge.


1. Toadfish: damage reduced by 7.5%, reloading time increased from 4 sec. to 4.25 sec.

2. Garm: rate of fire increased by 7.5%

3. Lacerator: damage increased by 7.5%

4. Draco: damage increased by 5%

5. Astraeus: damage reduced by 2.5%

6. Rupture: damage increased by 7.5%, added ability to let 25% of damage through

7. ZS-34 Fat Man: durability increased by 10%

8. Pyralid: damage increased by 5%

9. Trombone: rocket manoeuvrability increased by 10%, reloading time reduced from 8 sec. to 7.25 sec.

10. Clarinet TOW: rocket speed reduced from 35 km/h to 32 km/h, increased rocket manoeuvrability, increased blast radius and blast effectiveness, rocket lifetime increased from 8.5 sec. to 11 sec.


1. Support fork frame 2*6*8: durability increased by 7%, mass increased by 9%, added 80% resistance to kinetic, fragmentation and thermal damage, added 75% resistance to energy damage.

2. Support frame 2*6: added 80% resistance to kinetic, fragmentation and thermal damage, added 75% resistance to energy damage.

3. Support V-shaped frame 5*6: durability increased by 10%, mass increased by 11%, added 80% resistance to kinetic, fragmentation and thermal damage, added 75% resistance to energy damage.

4. Lightweight frame 8*4: durability increased by 15%