Update 1.28.0

Valentine’s Day!

Even in the cruel Wasteland there is room for love, so we suggest you celebrate Valentine’s Day with us!

• We have prepared for you a festive brawl “Battle of Cupids” — hold the control point and destroy enemies to earn points for your team. However, keep in mind that when you respawn, the blueprint of your armoured vehicle will be changed to a random one. The brawl will be available until February 20 inclusive.

• In the in-game store you will find the “Conqueror of hearts” and “Cavalier” thematic packs.

We wish you love, good luck and new victories in the Wasteland!

Other important changes

1. Added a new game mode “Co-op battle”. The rules of the regular PvP battle apply in this mode, but players don’t fight against each other, but team up against AI-bots. At the moment, the battles for scrap metal and talers are available in this mode.

2. Added the ability to use car horns in the game. Now, the cabins have a standard horn, but it can be replaced with a unique horn sound. Unique horn sounds will be available as rewards in future events.

3. Now scrap metal can be bought and sold on the market.

4. Account resource limits have been increased from 200,000 to 400,000.

5. Increased the amount of scrap metal required in the production of common parts. The rewards in scrap metal and copper for challenges and battles have been adjusted.

6. The “Ashen ring” map has been added to the rotation for the “Clash of leviathans” mode.

Bug fixes

1. Fixed a bug where parts being produced on a workbench could disappear after the end of the Battle pass season.

2. Now the “Hedgehog” and “Porcupine” barrel launchers and the “Impulse” and “Retcher” grenade launchers can fire through weapons, like other weapons in the game. Their projectiles will not explode on the player’s own armoured vehicle.

3. Fixed a bug where the initial reload of “Mandrake” could be affected by cabin, module or co-driver perks.

4. Fixed a bug that caused the active skill of the co-driver “Falcon” to start accumulating during the countdown timer before the battle starts.

Balance changes

Legendary weapons

1. Mandrake:

-Reloading time increased from с 5.8 sec. to 6.2 sec.

-Blast damage reduced by 7.5%

2. Thresher:

- Reloading time increased from 4.2 sec. to 4.5 sec.

-Blast damage reduced by 7.5%

-Changed the parameters of the perk. The explosion radius of the destroyed part was reduced by15%. Reduced dependence of the damage dealt on the mass of the destroyed part

3. Jumbo:

-Reloading time reduced from 6 sec. to 5.4 sec.

4. Concrete breaker:

-Changed the parameters of the perk. Now, a random enemy part takes damage for every 250 damage dealt. (Previously for every 300 pts. of damage).

5. Nothung:

-Changed the parameters of the perk. Each destroyed part charges the perk by 25% (Previously 20%).

-Direct damage increased by 10%

6. Vindicator:

-Changed the parameters of the perk. Now the energy bomb is fired every 10th shot (Previously every 12th shot).

Epic weapons

1. AD-13 Hawk:

-Damage increased by 5%

2. Astraeus:

-Added dependence of the impulse power on the duration of the railgun’s charging.

3. Trigger:

-Damage increased by 7.5%

4. Goblin:

-Added percentage of projectiles that fly through parts (20%)

5. Remedy

-Added new perk: while the flamethrower is firing, the maximum speed and power of the armoured car are increased.

Legendary cabins

1. Valkyrie:

-Changed the parameters of the perk. Now ricochet damage is reduced by 75%. (Previously 85%). Chance of projectile ricochet reduced from 60% to 50%

2. Muninn:

-Power increased by 10%

Common cabins

1. Sprinter:

-Durability increased by 5%


1. Jay

-Changed the “Barrel compensators” passive skill: now it increases the reload speed of cannons and crossbows and the charging rate of railguns.