Update 1.29.0

Battle Pass, new season “Neon drive”!

Survivors, welcome the new Battle pass “Neon drive” dedicated to the “Syndicate” faction! You can expect 70 rewards in the season, including:

• Structural parts for your armoured car;

• Access to the production of the legendary wheel “Claw”;

• Access to the production of the legendary melee flamethrower “Tempura”;

• Access to the production of the legendary cabin “Jannabi”;

• Access to the production of the legendary railgun “Yari”;

• Unique armoured car “Murasaki”;

• New customization for the game profile in the theme of the season.

Complete the tasks and challenges, level up and collect rewards!

The Battle pass also includes a leaderboard where players compete according to their Battle pass level. Those who reach the maximum level by the end of the season will receive the most valuable rewards, including the legendary minelayer “Yaoguai”!

New seasonal pack “Midnight”

The new seasonal pack “Midnight” is now available for purchase in the in-game store!

The armoured vehicle is designed on the basis of the legendary cabin “Kami”, armed with the “Waltz” rocket launchers and equipped with the “Taimyr-3” and “Hardcore” modules.

“Midnight” is a unique combat vehicle designed for medium and close range combat. The lightweight cabin “Kami” amplifies weapon projectiles with energy damage, which allows it to deliver a devastating attack on the enemy while performing lightning-fast manoeuvres.

The pack is available in two versions — standard and deluxe.

Other important changes

1. Now gold coins are required to purchase additional slots for saving blueprints. The purchase price increases with each purchased slot.

2. Updated the mission selection interface.

3. Now you can get two of the same decorations and two of the same structural parts when getting rewards from gold containers and clan containers. Previously, you could only get one copy.

4. Now weapons that have blades or bayonets only deal increased melee damage if they clash directly with blades or bayonets.

5. Improved the display of drones’ crosshairs: removed unnecessary elements.

6. Now when aiming at an enemy armoured vehicle with the mounted “Muninn” cabin, the icon of the active perk available for copying is displayed.

7. Added a difficulty value to all weapons. This parameter represents how difficult it is to get the firepower of the weapon to its maximum. This change should help new players in choosing their weapons.

Bug fixes

1. Fixed incorrect Power score value of the “Cannoneer”: now it adds 1572 Power score to the armoured car instead of 1730.

2. Fixed incorrect display of the perk of the weapon “Trigger” when combined with the co-driver “Billie”.

3. Fixed a bug with incorrect spread reduction from the passive ability “Stabilization mechanisms” of the co-driver “Billie” while driving.

4. Fixed a bug that caused the “Growl” cabin’s perk bonuses to stack incorrectly.

5. Fixed the value of projectile speed in the characteristics of machine guns and miniguns.

6. Reduced the force of mine ejection when shooting off the “Sabbath” wheel when the armoured vehicle is standing still.

7. Fixed a bug that caused the “Astraeus” weapon to have a reload button displayed.

Balance changes

Relic weapons

1. Rumble:

- Damage increased by 15%

- Changed the parameters of the perk. The number of hits required to fire an amplified shot is reduced to 8. Damage from fire discharge increased to 1000.

2. Muramasa:

- Direct damage reduced by 7.5%

- Durability increased by 7.5%

3. Flash:

- Lightning radius increased by 7.5%

- Durability increased by 7.5%

4. Ripper:

- Horizontal rotation angle increased to 360 degrees

- Reload time decreased from 3.45 sec. to 2.6 sec.

- Impulse increased by 15%

Legendary weapons

1. Officer:

- Direct and blast damage increased by 15%

- Direct and blast damage of the amplified shot increased by 25%

2. Reaper:

- Durability increased by 10%

- Damage increased by 5%

3. Power Drill:

- Direct damage increased by 30%

- Changed the parameters of the perk. Periodic damage from spikes increased from 12 to 25.

4. Vindicator:

- Changed the parameters of the perk. Now, the bombs appear with every 8 shots. Bomb damage increased by 20%.

5. Mandrake:

- Mass increased from 1410 to 1900 kg.

6. Spark III:

- Active time reduced from 12 to 10.5 sec.

7. Garm:

- Changed the parameters of the perk. Each hit reduces enemy damage resistance by 10%.

8. Fortune:

- Horizontal rotation angle increased to 360 degrees

9. Cyclone:

- Reworked the weapon’s model

Please note that the model sizes have changed because of this. This may result in the need to re-assemble armoured vehicles with this weapon.

Epic weapons

1. Clarinet TOW:

- Projectile lifetime increased from 11 sec. to 18 sec.

2. Hedgehog:

- Durability increased by 10%

3. Spike:

- Reload speed reduced from с 4 sec. to 3.7 sec.

4. Astraeus:

- Damage increased by 15%

5. Pyralid:

- Changed the parameters of the perk. The time until the boost bonus is reset increased from 1.5 sec. to 2.5 sec.

- Reload time reduced from 5 to 4.3 sec.

6. ZS-34 Fat Man:

- The time until the boost bonus is reset increased from 5 sec. to 7 sec.

- Added a 50% resistance to kinetic damage.

7. Adapter:

- Now belongs to the “railgun” type.

Rare weapons

1. Buzzsaw:

-Damage reduced by 25%

-Durability reduced by 20%


1. Collapse:

- Now, upon activation, it additionally slows down enemy armoured vehicles within the perk’s area of effect.

Movement parts

1. Racing wheel:

- Added a perk that reduces the cooldown of the active cabin perk for the distance travelled.