Update 1.29.5

Temporary event “Bounty hunting”

Starting from March 29, you will again have the opportunity to get the co-drivers as part of the temporary “Bounty hunting” event!

You will be able to get 10 Co-drivers: Phobos, Hertz, Yuki, Falcon, Jay, Atitlan, Billy, Grizzly, Ulfgar and R-Type 52.

In order to get Co-drivers, you need to complete challenges and participate in battles to earn crosscrowns. And you can spend these crosscrowns in the event store on containers of various rarities, from which you can get a Co-driver. The containers now have guaranteed rewards at certain stages of opening them. The current guaranteed reward is the Co-driver Grizzly.

It is also possible to increase the rarity of a Co-driver for gold and glory points: to do this, you need to increase the co-driver’s level to 50. After the rarity increase, the co-driver’s level is reset to level one.

The event will last for two weeks and will end on April 12.

Other important changes

1. The “Highway-11” map returns to rotation after revision: the game layout has been updated with new driveways and positions for different combat archetypes. The lighting on the map has also been updated.

2. Added the “reload speed” parameter to the description of modules.

3. Now the “Genesis” module increases the durability of drones and turrets as well as the reload speed between launching them.

4. Now the recipe of “Circular saw” can be obtained at level 28 with the “Engineers” faction in Trophy road. Also, the already produced “Circular saw” can be purchased and sold on the market.

5. The “Lair of the Firestarters” map is now available in PvP-rotation again.

Bug fixes

1. Fixed a bug with an incorrect message when issuing temporary weapons for brawls.

2. Fixed incorrect visualization of completed challenges in the statistics after battles.

3. Fixed the incorrect description of the “Bastion” cabin’s perk: the cabin’s plow doesn’t have increased resistance to all types of damage, but has increased resistance only to kinetic and fragmentation damage.

4. Fixed a bug that caused the “Oculus” module’s activation animation not to be displayed in battles.