Update 4.8.15162342

Important changes

Survivors! After analyzing the statistics of numerous game sessions, we came to the conclusion that the current co-drivers do not provide the game experience we would like to see them provide. Because of this, we have decided to completely change the current co-drivers system.

The Phobos, Hertz, Yuki, Falcon, Jay, Atitlan, Billy, Grizzly and Ulfgar and R-Type 52 co-drivers were removed from the game. And as compensation, all owners of these co-drivers will receive crosscrowns via in-game mail.

We added new co-drivers which will replace the previous ones: they have one passive and one active skill, as well as an updated “anime” style visual design.

Please welcome your new in-game anime co-drivers:

1. Cute Bombshell

- Passive skill: when destroying an enemy armoured vehicle, creates a blast wave that deals additional damage to all surrounding enemies.

- Active skill: throws a cute plush bomb that deals damage to all enemies in a small radius.

2. Senpai Sniper

- Passive skill: makes the armoured vehicle invisible for 5 sec. after firing a shot. (Cooldown 10 sec.)

- Active skill: delivers a precise hit to the cabin of the nearest enemy, illuminating it for all allies for 13 sec.

3. Haruka Healer

- Passive skill: periodically creates a protective sphere that absorbs some of the damage directed at allies.

- Active skill: summons a healing rain that restores the durability of allied armoured cars within a 12-meter radius.

4. Miku Mechanic

- Passive skill: reduces damage resistance for enemy armoured car within 10 m.

- Active skill: for 8 sec, the weapon deals additional energy damage and stuns enemy armoured vehicles.

5. Rin Scout

- Passive skill: detects vulnerabilities of the nearby enemies, allowing you to deal 15% more damage to enemies with durability below 50%.

- Active skill: launches a scouting drone that displays the position of all enemies on the mini-map.

Temporary event “Retribution saga”

Due to changes to the co-drivers system, the “Bounty hunting” event will be finished earlier. Instead, starting today, you will have the opportunity to get new anime co-drivers as part of the temporary event “Retribution saga”.

There are 5 anime co-drivers available for obtaining: Cute Bombshell, Senpai Sniper, Haruka Healer, Miku Mechanic, and Rin Scout.

In order to get Co-drivers, you need to complete challenges and participate in battles to earn nyancrowns. Nyancrowns can be spent in the event store to open a container, from which you can get an anime co-driver. The container has a guaranteed reward at certain stages of opening. The current guaranteed reward is the anime co-driver Cute Bombshell.

The event will last for two weeks and will end on April 15.

Other important changes

1. Added a new brawl “Survivors vs. Developers”. Assemble your best vehicles and fight against the development team! The brawl is available from Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 GMT.

2. Added a new mode “Hide and seek”. The objective of the new mode is to hide on the presented map. We haven’t figured out how efficiency points will be awarded yet. And we don’t know who’s going to look for the hidden players either. We have no idea why we need this mode at all, but, if players like it, we will leave it on a permanent basis.

3. As a countermeasure against inactive players in PvE battles, a “Captcha” system was introduced: every 20 seconds of battle, a set of letters will appear on the screen, which must be entered into the appropriate field. If the set of letters is not entered or is entered incorrectly, the player automatically exits the battle, losing the reward.

4. Matchmaker changes.

We have taken into account your suggestions to speed up the player matchmaking in battles and decided to completely remove the matchmaker from the game: now the size of teams and player Power score are not controlled in any way, so if you find yourself alone against 10 opponents — it’s not our fault ¯\_(ツ)_/

Balance changes

1. Valkyrie

- Now the cabin returns all reflected projectiles into the enemy car, dealing 100% damage that ignores all resistances.

2. Mandrake

- Reload time increased to 1 minute.

- Now it destroys enemy cars on hit, regardless of their durability.

3. Flash

- Removed from the game.

We wish all players a happy holiday! Activate a promo code 6EHRWN8XB1 until April 2 inclusive to receive a gift :)

We hope that you will enjoy the new version of the game. After all, it’s been created based on your wishes.