Effective as of December 08, 2020

Please read this document carefully before taking part in closed testing (CT) of the Game. The present Closed Testing Terms and Conditions take precedence over any provision of Crossout Mobile Terms of Service (including any other integral parts thereof) in the event of any discrepancy between the documents.


By installing the client of the Crossout Mobile videogame (“Game”) developed by Targem Games (“Developer”) and published by Gaijin Distribution Kft located at 1146, Hungary, Budapest, Hungária körút 162-166 ("GAIJIN"), GAIJIN grants you a non-exclusive, limited license to play one copy of the Game on your device and use the Game for the purpose of testing the Game in accordance with the Terms of Service , including the License Agreement and Privacy Policy which is an integral part thereof.

The game is provided "as is", that is, without any guarantees of quality, uninterrupted operation and absence of errors.

Participation in СT is free and private. The transfer of access (as well as rights to access) to the Game to third parties is prohibited.

Your access to the Game may be terminated by the Developer at any time without prior notice.


All information about the Game that became known to you during your participation in the СT and which has been made publicly by GAIJIN available is strictly confidential. You have no right to disclose to third parties any information about the Game that is at the stage of СT, including, but not limited to, information about the features of the gameplay, plot, functionality of the Game, publish or transfer to third parties screenshots of the Game, screen recordings containing gameplay , information about errors found in the Game, stream the gameplay in real time, as well as perform other actions to disclose any information about the Game. This privacy statement is valid indefinitely, or for the longest possible period permitted by applicable law if indefinite validity is not permitted thereby.


By participating in the СT, you agree that the Game may contain any known and unknown errors, and you assume all risks associated with this.

All game values, achievements and items may be canceled by the end of the CT or at any time earlier, without prior notice.

Otherwise, the terms of participation in closed testing of the Game hereunder are governed by the “Crossout Mobile Terms of Service, including its Privacy Policy and License Agreement.

For all questions, please contact us at: