Additional data download errors

Hello, survivors! We use a service provided to us by Google Play to download additional game data, so we cannot influence its operation on our own in any way. We have already passed all the necessary information about the occurring problems with the service to the plugin’s developers at Google Play.

Additionally, we can offer you several options for solving this problem:

1. Disable VPN before downloading additional data.

2. In some cases, rebooting the device and starting the data download again is enough. Please note that you should not minimize the application while downloading — data downloading may be limited in the background mode.

3. If your account is linked to your Google Play account, try clearing the game’s cache and the cache of Google Play. Attention! Clearing the game’s cache deletes the progress of a guest account (that is not linked to a Google Play account).

If none of the solutions above helped, we can suggest you to install the game directly from our website: — this version of the game already includes all additional data.