Update 1.25.0

Battle pass, new season “From the depths”!

Survivors, welcome the new battle pass dedicated to the “Hyperborea” faction! You can expect 70 rewards in the season, including:

• Structural parts and decorations for your armoured car in the style of the faction;

• Blueprint of the legendary turret “Garm”;

• Blueprint of the epic autocannon “Gungnir”;

• Blueprint of the epic cabin “Ermak”;

• Blueprint of the epic tank track “Sleipnir”;

• Unique armoured car “Tridacna”;

• New customization for the game profile in the theme of the season.

Complete the tasks and challenges, level up and collect rewards!

The Battle pass also includes a leaderboard where players compete according to their Battle pass level. Those who reach the maximum level by the end of the season will receive the most valuable rewards, including the legendary machine gun “Nothung”!

New seasonal pack “Prophet”

The new seasonal pack “Prophet” is now available for purchase in the in-game store!

The armoured car is designed on the basis of the legendary cabin “Muninn”, armed with “Yongwang” grenade launchers and equipped with the “Chill” and “Hardcore” modules.

“Prophet” is perfect for medium range battles due to its high maneuverability and reliable protection.

The unique combat ability of the “Muninn” cabin allows you to gain superiority, and in difficult situations turn the tide of the battle in your favour.

The pack is available in two versions — standard and deluxe.

Workbench for part production

A new part production mechanic has been added to the Season 19 of the Battle pass — the Workbench. Production on the workbench doesn’t require a recipe — access to it becomes available at a certain level of the Battle pass and remains available throughout the season.

The workbench mechanics offers the following advantages:

Now all new parts can be produced on the workbench regardless if you purchase the pass or not, all you need to have is the appropriate pass level to start producing parts. (This only applies to parts that are issued in the reward scale; parts from the seasonal pack and leaderboard still cannot be produced.)

Production on the workbench will take place simultaneously with regular crafting of parts, which means it will be possible to produce up to two parts at the same time.

All the game mechanics related to regular crafting apply to workbench production as well — the production can be accelerated by watching ads, having an active premium account or for gold coins.

- All new season parts are immediately available for trading on the market (except for those included in the rating leaderboard).

New map “Polar Volcano”! 

A new map “Polar Volcano” has been added to the game.

The “Waderkvarn” corporation turned a sleeping, snow-covered volcano into a laboratory for studying unusual seismic activity. Crossout devastated the scientific facility and gave this place to nature. The ruins and giant rift now serve as a shipyard for the Hyperboreans, and represent the last outpost of the survivors. The thirst for profit and mysterious stories of Hyperborea have drawn marauders from all over the Wasteland to this mysterious volcano.

One of the features of the “Polar Volcano” map is the new mechanics of interactive game objects. The map features several aerostats that can be shot down by shooting at them or at a special target. After shooting down an aerostat, it drops a bomb that causes enormous damage when it collides with the ground or an armoured vehicle. After the bomb explodes, it leaves a flame puddle. Therefore, despite the winter setting of the map, the battles here will be hot!

The games on the map are played in the “Encounter” mode.

Changes to damage resistance mechanics

Survivors! We are ready to present you the new damage resistance system we previously told you about. Now the damage type is configured for each method of dealing damage:

1. Kinetic — damage that is caused by a solid object hitting a part at high speed. It mainly applies to bullets, shells, bolts, nails, etc.

2. Energy — damage from lightning and plasma

3. Thermal — damage from flamethrowers, lasers and some special projectiles, like the projectiles of the “Jumbo” cannon.

4. Shrapnel — damage from regular explosions, such as self-destruction and explosions made by cannons.

As a result, we get these possible combinations of damage types and methods of dealing damage:

1. Explosions can be energetic, fragmentation, and thermal.

2. Direct hits can be kinetic, thermal and energetic.

3. Melee damage on collision has not been changed in any way — it has no damage type.

It’s important to note that the damage type of direct hit and an explosion can either be the same or different. For example, “Pulsar” deals energy damage from both a direct hit and an explosion. “Executioner” deals kinetic damage by a direct hit and shrapnel damage from an explosion.

With the introduction of new damage types, the damage resistance system has been changed as well: the resistance to one or more types of damage is configured for vehicle parts.

Changes in the balance of structural parts

The balance of structural parts has been revised, with small parts becoming slightly more durable and large parts becoming slightly less durable.

The parts are now distributed across the factions and each faction has its own distinct characteristics. The difference lies in the following parameters:

1. Part durability

2. Durability that is added to the cabin for the mounted part

3. Mass

4. Rate at how the part can be shot through

5. Protection from heating

6. Resistances to new damage types

For example, the parts of the Steppenwolfs have a very high mass, but they are very durable and provide a large increase in the durability of the cabin. The parts of the Steppenwolfs provide excellent protection against kinetic and shrapnel damage, but are very vulnerable to energy and thermal types of damage.

At the same time, the parts of the Lunatics are very light, but they are not very durable and provide small bonuses to the durability of the cabin. But almost all the parts of the Lunatics are grilles that will have a large percentage at which they are shot through.

Other important changes

1. Updated the contents of the Clan container. The theme of the season is “X-expedition”. Earn radioactive tokens and get new rewards!

2. Turrets now take damage from collisions. The damage depends on the speed and type of part that rams the turret. The wheels deal the least amount of damage in a collision, while the bumpers and plows deal the most damage. A bug due to which spears would not detonate when colliding with turrets has also been fixed.

3. Now the parts obtained from the “Beginner’s path” and “Survivor’s path” calendars cannot be sold on the market.

4. Added a new mechanic — the ability to freeze parts in battle. Frozen parts reduce the power and maximum speed of the armoured vehicle.

5. Now, after leaving a clan, you can join a new clan only after 48 hours.

6. Added resistance to cooling to the outer part of the “Reach stacker” wheel.

7. Added display of the voice chat in full-screen map mode.

8. Improved aiming mechanics for the weapons “Jubokko” and “Ripper”

9. Improved the effect of smoke when capturing bases.

10. Now when mines explode, they deal damage to the shields of the ”Nova” cabin, the shields of the co-driver Hertz and the shields of the “Aegis Prime” module.

11. Significantly improved the interface of the updated market: added a manual on how to work with the market for new players, added new explanations and descriptions; added a “quick deal” function, which helps set the optimal price for the fastest transaction.

Bug fixes

1. Now, when upgrading the “DT Cobra”, “Anaconda”, “Salamander”, “Medusa” and “Adapter” weapons, the durability, rate of fire and damage of the turrets themselves increase.

2. Fixed a bug where the tonnage received from modified cabins was added incorrectly.

3. Fixed a bug where a blueprint with modified parts wasn’t loading if the modified parts were not in storage.

4. Fixed a bug that allowed a modified cabin to exceed the set maximum speed of the movement parts.

5. Fixed the sound of the “Joule” autocannon firing.

6. Fixed a bug when the “Flute” rocket was guided by the camera of the “Clarinet” rocket.

Balance changes

Relic weapons

1. Hyperion:

- Weapon rotation speed increased by 10%

- Burst rate increased by 5%

Comment: “Hyperion” still feels a little weaker compared to other relic weapons. The increase in rotation speed and rate of fire will allow the players to use the weapon more aggressively and increase its effectiveness.

2. Punisher:

- Durability reduced by 7.5%

Comment: in previous balance changes we increased the durability of the “Punisher” and this didn’t lead to the expected results. We have processed your feedback and decided to return the weapon’s durability to its previous values.

3. Ripper:

- Reload reduced by 10%

- Durability increased by 6%

Comment: the ripper discs fly in an arc trajectory and are quite difficult to hit a moving target with. Increasing the reload speed will reduce the “cost” of a miss with this weapon, and increasing the durability will add more survivability in head-on clashes with the enemy.

Legendary weapons

1. Fortune:

- Projectile flight speed increased by 10%

- Durability increased by 5%

2. Destructor:

- Base damage increased by 5%

- Perk damage increased by 7.5%

3. Power drill:

- Damage increased by 5%

Epic weapons

1. M-37 Piercer:

- Magazine capacity increased from 30 to 35

2. Adapter:

- Damage increased by 7.5%

3. ZS-34 Fat Man

- Added a new perk: hitting an enemy reduces the reload time before the next shot

4. Medusa:

- Damage increased by 10%

Movement parts

1. Icarus VII and Hermes hovers

- Durability increased by 5%

- Tonnage increased from 285 to 300


1. Wyvern:

- Increased the required time in the air to receive the amplification bonus from 0.05 to 0.07 sec.

- Perk bonus reduced from 40% to 35%

2. Torero:

- Reduced the distance required to receive the amplification bonus from 100 to 80 m.

3. Wunderbar:

- Maximum damage bonus from perk increased from 12% to 15%

4. Dusk:

- Perk passive charging speed reduced by 7.5%

5. Bat:

- Maximum speed increased from 75 km/h to 78 km/h

6. Trucker

- Now the perk activation enables defence mode. When the mode stops working, the damage of all weapons increases.


1. Daze:

- Field active time reduced from 12 to 10 sec.

- The shutdown time of active modules on enemy armoured vehicles reduced from 12 to 8 sec.


1. Yuki

- The maximum trigger distance of an active skill increased from 30 to 40 m.

- Now the passive skill “Weapon cleaning” affects shotguns, single-shot shotguns, machine guns and miniguns.

- The maximum range of the passive skill “Boarding” increased from 10 to 20 m.

2. Falcon

- Active skill charging speed increased from 3% per second to 4% per second

- The duration of the active skill increased from 6 to 7 sec. at level 1 (from 12 to 14 at level 50).

- Damage and damage resistance during the active skill duration at maximum level increased from 25% to 30%

- The minimum speed for activating the passive skill “Aggressive tactics” reduced from 54 km/h to 45 km/h

3. Billie

- The duration of the active skill increased from 3 to 5 sec. at level 1 (from 6 to 9 sec. at level 50)

- Rate of fire during the active skill increased from 10% to 20% at level 1 (from 50% to 60% at level 50)

- The skill “Stabilization mechanisms” now reduces the spread of machine guns, miniguns, autocannons and nailguns by 30% at level 50.

4. Phobos

- In some cases, the destruction assist didn’t activate the active skill — this issue has been fixed

- Now the auto-fire works when Phobos’s skill is activated and the car becomes invisible.

- We took your comments regarding the low compatibility of the co-driver’s passive skills into account. Weapon charging and reload speeds have now been combined into one epic passive skill, and the relic skill has been replaced with increased reload speed for active cabin perks.


1. Added an automatic charging for the “Scorpion”, “Astraeus” and “Adapter” railguns. This change may affect the balance of these weapons — we will closely monitor the statistics and implement prompt adjustments if necessary.

2. Now the shield of the co-driver “Hertz” is vulnerable to explosive damage.

3. Turrets now take damage from collisions. The damage depends on the speed and type of part that rams the turret. The wheels deal the least amount of damage in a collision, while the bumpers and plows deal the most damage. A bug due to which spears would not detonate when colliding with turrets will also be fixed.