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Stopping the release of updates for some devices
Update 1.33.0
Announcement of the changes planned for the 1.33.0 update

Enter the world of steel and fire

Build a fighting vehicle

Build a unique post-apocalyptic armoured vehicle from hundreds of parts in a convenient editor. Experiment with the craziest ideas. Arm yourself with machine guns, missiles, chainsaws, mines, blasters - everything you can imagine!

Fight with the best

Enter team PvP battles of 6 vs 6 players in a ruthless post-apocalyptic world or challenge waves of computer opponents. Gather a team of friends or raise your rating in solo matches. Join clans and take part in clan wars.

Smash the enemies into pieces

A sophisticated damage model allows you to destroy each vehicle part independently. Immobilize your opponent or get rid of his guns before finally breaking his vehicle into pieces!

Join a faction

Learn the game lore and fight under the banner of your favourite post apocalyptic faction. You will be rewarded with faction-specific vehicle parts and skills.


Create improved parts or earn rare items in battle to design the best killing machine.\n\n

Build to destroy

Start with a cabin

Try to build a swift SUV, a massive truck, a heavy tank, a flying hovercraft or even a giant walking robot.

Choose your weapon

Focus on close combat tools like the chainsaws, arm yourself with long range cannons or build a universal machine of war.

Armor vs speed

Either cover the vehicle with APC-style armor plates and become powerful and slow or go for a light and very fast vehicle that can outmaneuver enemy shells.

Finishing touches

Experiment with the look of your vehicle, decorate it with spray paint, flags, LED lights and other cosmetic items.